Because we are in too deep.


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Mecha Sea Rune
Is it possibly to refer to a drawing as something in between a speedpainting and a “normal” painting? Well, if it is possibly, then this is one of those in between-drawings. The dragon itself was the one I focused the most on and put most of my efforts into (I’ve never painted metal digitally before, so don’t be too hard on me, lol) and the crappy background was made in ten minutes or something.
   But it was fun painting it nonetheless.

The Rune dragons was created by Benathorn and this little lad’s design was created by Jendalie.


Making plans / dreaming away, far away


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Cape plans
I think that I’ve been dreaming the entire day, at least almost the entire day. Since the snow arrived here I’ve been thinking about to buy a new coat… The one I currently have isn’t really made to be used during the winter (it was supposed to only be used during the autumn and spring, but I’ve been using it during the entire year since I bought it more than one year ago – so it has started to fall apart a little, quality these days you know… Things aren’t made to survive when you use them each and every day throughout the year). So it’s quite cold to wear it now when the winter’s upon us.
   I came up with the idea that I want to sew a… Let’s call it “cape”, because I believe that’s what it’s called… Surely it might not be the warmest clothing to wear during the winter, but I’d really like to have one (and I bet it would be a whole lot warmer than my current coat in the end). The only problem is that the fabrics I’d love to use for it are quite expensive here in Sweden (and any other country as well… Of course, they’re cheaper at some places… Like in the UK for example).

Though, I’m in need of fabrics for my next cosplay costume as well, so I guess that this is just something that will keep living within my mind. Maybe I’ll come around to make one before the next winter instead… Or maybe the one after that… Or the one after that… Or the one after that…

November drawings


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Two drawings that I painted with ChibiPaint last month. They were a whole lot of fun to paint, usually I only edit pictures related to the universe in Photoshop. So these two drawings were a lot of fun to work with. It might take a whole lot longer to paint things realted to the universe; the first one was made during two hours and the second one was made during three hours. But I’d say it’s well worth the time, especially since I’m not too fond of editing things in Photoshop.

I’m currently making Christmas presents for others (I just have a few more to finish, after that I’m as good as done with the Christmas presents for this year) as well as I’ve been working a little with the last two props for one of my cosplays during the past few days. I should be able to finish them quite soon, if nothing unexpected happens.

Luz and Daydream

It has been many years since I decided to draw a human as close to realistic that I could pull off… I belive Jack Sparrow was the last one. Way back in 2009. Though, I did try one of my OCs digitally some time before that, so this is just the second one I’ve painted digitally. This picture is for Snowyowl on CS. It’s her Rune Daydream and Rune bearer Luz.

I used two of my photos as references while painting this. They can be found on my friend’s dA here and here.
I also made a little search on google to find some insipration of how the victorian era clothes looked like. My search for that can be found here.
The Rune dragons was created by Benathorn.
Daydream’s design was created by Ashenjay.
Luz and Daydream belongs to Snowyowl on CS.

Phoenix sketch


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I’m feeling a lot better now, I guess that I only needed a little rest… Good enough to start working with a few drawings (and hopefully I’ll find my inspiration soon; so I can finish two of my drawings that I neglected in May or something like that, I really want to finish them as soon as possible). This is one of my OCs (named Nikon) and I’m planning on using this picture for the new layout on my website. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the drawing tomorrow.

Alice in Wonderland jewelry


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This is a bracelet (the left picture) and a necklace (the right picture) that I made in the end of August as a birthday present for my mother. I was quite inspired by Alice in Wonderland while I worked with them and luckily enough she liked them (even though she doesn’t like Alice in Wonderland as much as I do).
I did make a brooche as well, unfortunately I don’t have a proper picture of it yet so I can’t show it right now.